Rigoberto Advincula

Brief Biography

Rigoberto Advincula 

is Professor at the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  He is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Fellow of the Polymer Science and Engineering Division (ACS), Fellow of the Polymer Chemistry Division (ACS). He recently received the distinguished Herman Mark Scholar Award in 2013. He is Editor of Reactive and Functional Polymers and Associate Editor of Polymer Reviews. His group does research in polymer materials, nanocomposites, colloidal science, hybrid materials, and ultrathin films towards applications from smart coatings to biomedical devices.


3D Printing and High Performance Nanocomposites

Additive manufacturing is part of the digital economy that provides a new model for distributed supply chains and point production of goods. While 3D printing is often mentioned synonymously with additive manufacturing, there are performance gaps that prevents polymers from being adapted in high demanding applications such as the oil and gas industry. This talk presents work done on identifying failure mechanisms and improvement of 3D printed polymer materials through the use of nanocomposites and nanofillers with stereo lithographic apparatus (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM) based printing. It is important to utilize nanostructuring with graphene and nanocellulose in providing highly improved thermo-mechanical properties in polyurethanes, PLA, and acrylic based thermosets. The correspondence between printing orientation and anisotropic thermo-mechanical properties is highlighted. In addition, the design-composition function is evident in terms of new paradigms in combining thermomechanical properties with the intended application.