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KAUST Catalysis Center is currently seeking

  • Faculty Members

    ​We are recruiting Assistant Professors in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Catalysis, and Bio-Catalysis. Please contact with your CV for further details.​

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowships

    ​Our University offers attractive fellowships and unparalleled research facilities to attract the best researchers from around the world.

    Two post doc positions are currently available in organometallic chemistry. Experienced chemists in synthesis of air sensitive compounds with schlenck tube and high vacuum line glove boxes. Preference will be given to the candidates familiar with early transition metals and having the experience on grafting.

    We are recruiting a post doc or eventually an assistant professor position in the field of chemical engineering

    We are recruiting researchers in the field of chemical engineering. The candidates would need in particular the experience in reactor design for catalysis. The candidates with the experience of calculations in fixed bed reactors and fluidized bed reactors for catalysis are also welcome.

    One post doc for developing new catalyst for NH3 Selective reduction of NOx in car exhaust

    The aim of the researcher is to develop new catalysts based on deep understanding of the reaction mechanism.

    Apply now with your CV and publications to .​

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  • Graduate Students

    Our faculty and staff welcome high-performing graduate students from all over the world to our programs.

    We require proven high ability (GPA scores), a strong work ethic and competency in English.

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