A new Titanium Metal Organic Framework with visible‐light responsive photocatalytic activity

Amandine Cadiau, Nikita Kolobov, Sivaranjani Srinivasan, Maarten Goesten, Henrik Haspel, Anastasiya Bavykina, Mohamed Tchalala, Partha Maity, Andrey Goryachev, Artem Poryvaev, Mohamed Eddaoudi, Matvey Fedin, Omar Mohammed, and Jorge Gascon
Angewandte Chemie, (2020)


Titanium metal organic framework, Photocatalysis, Hydrogen evolution, Photo-oxidation


​We report the one step synthesis and characterization of a new and robust titanium‐based Metal Organic Framework, ACM‐1 . In this new structure, based on infinite Ti‐O chains and 4,4′,4″,4″′‐(pyrene‐1,3,6,8‐tetrayl) tetrabenzoic acid as a photosensitizer ligand, the combination of highly mobile photogenerated electrons and a strong hole localization at the organic linker results in large charge separation lifetimes. The suitable energies for band gap and CBM offer great potential for a wide range of photocatalytic reactions, from hydrogen evolution to the selective oxidation of organic substrates.




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