Micropump Fluidic Strategy for Fabricating Perovskite Microwire Array-Based Devices Embedded in Semiconductor Platform

Bin Xin, Yusin Pak, Meng Shi, Somak Mitra, Xiaopeng Zheng, Osman M. Bakr, Iman S. Roqan
Cell Reports Physical Science 2, 100304, (2021)


micro-/nanofluidic, micropump, laser interference lithography, fluid-processed nanowire arrays, perovskite-based optoelectronics


​Microfluidic technologies are used to precisely manipulate fluid flow to integrate solution-processed materials in semiconductor devices. Here, a microfluidic method for incorporating perovskite into semiconductor-based devices is developed by embedding perovskite microwires (MWs) in Si microchannel platforms. The method relies on pumping a solution containing perovskite from the source to be precisely injected into Si microchannel arrays using filter paper that acts as a mesh of nano-/micropumps, owing to the capillary forces. Mask-free laser interference lithography is used to fabricate Si microchannels. Advanced characterization demonstrates that high-quality MWs are confined perfectly within the microchannel platform. Theoretical simulation is used to study the microfluidic mechanism. A high-performance photodetector based on the perovskite/Si MW array is obtained. Owing to this method’s simplicity, low cost, and zero chemical waste, it could pave the way for manufacturing cost-effective miniaturized perovskite in semiconductor platforms for a wide range of applications, including lab-on-a-chip technology.




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