Developing new catalyst for NH3 Selective reduction of NOx in car exhaust

In the framework of an industrial collaboration at the KAUST Catalysis Center at King Abdullah university of Science and Technology (Jeddah/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), a position is open for a post-doctoral fellow working in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. The KAUST catalysis center is currently involved in a project about development, characterization and testing of new catalysts with high activity at low-temperature in NH3 SCR of NOx. Those materials are of high interest today because there are very stringent regulations for car exhaust (especially diesel) all over the world. Especially the NOx emissions remain a challenge and need to be further reduced within the boundaries of the current engine technology, which mainly lead to lower temperatures in the exhaust. The candidate will work for 3 years on the project.


The aim of the researcher is to develop new catalysts based on deep understanding of the reaction mechanism. To achieve the latter objective, the researcher will lead the synthesis and the characterization of the mixed oxide catalysts followed subsequently by catalytic tests to determine their catalytic performances. After highlighting the key structure activity relationships, the researcher will design new formulations to achieve better performance. The researcher will have solid support from the industrial partner and scientists in the KAUST Catalysis Center.

Requirements for this position include

  • a PhD in a subject related to heterogeneous catalysis
  • Experience with the set-up and the use of gas phase dynamic reactors
  • The ability to set-up and use H2-TPR, NH3-TPD, FTIR, DRIFTS
  • Experience with the synthesis and characterization of mixed oxides (sol-gel, precipitation, XRD, BET, etc.)
  • A prior experience with TEM and X-Ray absorption spectroscopy (appreciated).
  • Fluency in written and spoken English (mandatory) and spoken German (optional)

If ​you are interested and wish to apply for this position please send your CV to: or or