KCC Lab Services


1. KCC Users Link

Centralized KCC users apps, user manual

2. KCC Ordering Link

Chemical/Gas/Consumable ordering, Order reception, Shopping carts indexing, user manual, special gas ordering manual

3. KCC Request Link

User request creation, Task tracking, user manual

4. KCC Labs Link

Setup occupancy, LEM maintenance request, user manual

5. User Submission Link

KCC user information update/submission, user manual

6. Out of Hour Work Link

Out of hour work registration

7. KCC Loan Management Link

Borrow portable gas detector and calibration gas, user manual

8. KCC Seminar Attendance Link

Record seminar attendance for KCC seminars. Please download Power Apps in your mobile and scan seminar QR code for attendance record.

9. KCC Gas Inventory Link

Check gas cylinders in the center

10. Budgetline Assignment Link

Check cost center/pocket ID assignment for KCC users

11. KCC Admin Link

KCC user registration, departure, update

12. KCC Order Tracking Link

Track order by task ID, shopping cart number or PO number, user manual

13. KCC Users Leave Link

Mandatory for students for vacation/sick leaves

14. Equipment Maintenance Link

Equipment maintenance management, user manual

15. KCC Training Link

KCC training record

16. Office Assignment Link

Workstation/Office assignment for KCC users

17. KCC GroupLab Link

GroupLab management

18. KCC Stewardship Link

Stewardship management

19. KCC IT Assets Link

IT assets management

20. KCC Equipment Surplus Link

Equipment surplus,  user manual

21. Oven Experiment Request Link

Oven experiment request, user manual