Advancing Carbon Dioxide Management through Catalysis

The reutilization of carbon dioxide offers a way to use a low-value carbon feedstock and turn it into value-added chemicals and polymers. Non-reductive carbon dioxide conversions, i.e. transformations that do not alter the original oxidation state of the carbon center, have played a dominant role in the diversification of chemical space providing opportunities for functional molecules and their application as fine chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical precursors and as monomers towards the creation of new macromolecular architectures. This lecture will detail the progress we have made over the years using base metal homogeneous catalysis while developing new conceptual approaches to produce CO2-based monomers and functional polymers. Examples are shared that are part of a unique portfolio of heterocyclic synthons and adaptive polycarbonates.


Arjan W. Kleij

Professor and Group Leader at ICIQ