Emerging roles of Power-to-gas for industry with a Focus on Steel Making

The decarbonization of energy systems has become an essential priority as countries strive to achieve the goals of the COP21 agreement to reduce the impact of global climate change. Industry is currently responsible for approximately half of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with hard-to-abate processes dependent on fossil fuels/feedstock for high-temperature heat or chemical reactions. Power-to-X (PtX) energy vectors are current considered one of limited low-carbon alternatives to substitute fossil energy or materials in such processes. These energy vectors can also serve as large-scale storage media of excess or low-cost renewable energy, to support the introduction of high shares of renewables in energy systems and establish bridges between sectors. This Talk will provide an overview of power-to-gas (PtG) pathways and the emerging roles of PtG in future energy systems, focusing on industry. Key drivers of PtG development will be discussed and contrasted between applications. PtG strategies envisaged to date for industry with a focus on steel making will be presented and analyzed in terms of:

  • Deployment environment
  • Processes, product(s), energy/feedstock sources
  • Energy/material integration with other systems
  • Environmental impact reduction potential
  • Economic viability
This talk will conclude with current and future PtG research challenges and opportunities.


Valerie Eveloy

Professor at Khalifa University