Workshop on Structure/Property Relationships of Polymeric Materials of Industrial Relevance

The goal of this worshop is to Explain structure-property relationships of polymeric materials of industrial relevance through a series of case studies. Each topic will be introduced by description of a selected case where the structure strongly affects the topic property. Special focus will be devoted to the experimental techniques for predicting the engineering and physical properties of polymers from their molecular structures. 

Bibliography of the presenters:

Professor Giovanni Talarico from the University of Naples, Italy.  Prof. Talarico is associate professor of industrial chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Naples. The School of polymer science at the University of Naples was founded by Prof. Corradini, coworkers of 1963 Nobel Laureate Prof. G: Natta. The school has historical expertise in the synthesis and characterization of polyolefin based materials. At the University of Naples Prof. Talarico is teaching: 1) Chemistry and Technology of Polymers; 2) Ziegler-Natta homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis; 3) Polymerization catalysis. His research work is focused on macromolecular chemistry, inorganic chemistry, structure/property relationships of polymeric materials, transition metal catalyzed 


Event Quick Information

02 - 03 May, 2018
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM