The Catalytic Testing Laboratory is dedicated to the screening of catalysts and includes various types of reactors to meet the demand of heterogeneous and homogenous catalysis. It hosts gas flow reactors for the screening solid catalysts and a batch reactor that can be used for homogeneous catalysis.

The Catalytic Testing Laboratory is open to all the members of KCC and to members of KAUST and industrial and academic partners in Saudi Arabia and in the international community. Because the laboratory is extremely well equipped, it favors many international collaborations.

The lab is a suitable facility for many types of reactions including "classical heterogeneous" reactions and to a smaller extent homogeneous or supported bio-catalysis. It is comprised of 24 dynamic reactors, 16 batch reactors and one calorimetric reactor.

In principle, reactions can be performed under atmospheric or high pressure with liquid, gas or liquid/ gas feedstocks and/or products.

Due to safety rules, CO-based reactions, oxidation reactions, oligomerization reactions, polymerization reactions and hydrocarbon reactions are carried out in separate areas that are all fully equipped with gas-sensitive detectors.