Research Support

Anissa Bendjeriou-Sedjerari, Ph.D.

Center Liaison Officer

Research Interest: Sol-gel chemistry, mesoporous materials, surface organometallic chemistry, N-donors surface ligands, ammoniation process, atomic organization of acid-base bifunctional catalysts, Solid State NMR spectroscopy, DNP SENS, TEM

Youssef Saih, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Reactors

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, surface science, sustainable green energy

Mohammad Babar Moghni Mallick

Senior Technical Specialist

Research Interest: Industrial Gas Processes, GloveBox, High Vacuum Line Research processes, Calibration gases, ICP analysis, Chemical Segregation, Research Projects, Lab Modification projects, Gas Process operations, Technical Trainings

Adrian Ramirez Galilea Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - HTP

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, High-Throughput, AspenPlus, CO2 Conversion

Natalia Morlanes, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Process Intensification

Research Interest: Organometallics, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry, Heterogeneous catalysis, Surface characterization, Water Oxidation, CO2 reduction

Jose Luis Cerrillo Olmo, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer- Industrial Catalysis Process control

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, Green Chemistry, Zeolites, pollutant removal, catalysts synthesis, characterization, hydrogenation

Selvedin Telalovic, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Catalyst Reactor

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, catalysts synthesis, catalysts characterization and testing

Samy Ould-Chikh, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Operando

Research Interest: Photo-catalysis, Electrochemistry, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, Powder XRD, TEM

Eganathan Kaliyamoorthy

Technical Specialist

Claudia Carraro

Staff Engineer - KCC Safety Officer

Beauty Rani Sharma

​Process Technician

Chien-Chih Tseng

​Research Specialist in Prof. Tung group

Limin Zheng

Technical Specialist

Mohammed Abdullah S Al Tarrah

Research Technician

Research Interest: Crude Oil, Light Olefins, Aspen Plus, CO2 Capture, CO2 reduction

Arwa Alahmadi

Technical Specialist in Prof. Gascon group

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, Zeolites, Crude Oil, Light Olefins

Cheng Yan

​Lab Technician

Yingying Yu

Technical Specialist in Prof. Hadjichristidis group

Research Interest: Organic chemistry

Tanushree Tanmayee

​ Lab Technician

Jing Bai

Operations and Administrative Analyst Prof. Bakr and Abdelsaboor groups

Sultan Alsalman

Process Specialist in Prof. Gascon group

Research Interest: Process Improvement and Optimization, reactor design, Process Control

Yaning Huang

Biotech lab assistant Prof. Magnus group

Research Interest: cell, protein

Weiwei Qu

​Lab Technician