Research Support

Lieven Gevers, Ph.D.

​Lab Manager

Research Interest: Heterogeneous and homogenous catalysts, high throughput technologies, reactor design, membrane technology, microreactors

Anissa Bendjeriou-Sedjerari, Ph.D.

Center Liaison Officer

Research Interest: Sol-gel chemistry, mesoporous materials, surface organometallic chemistry, N-donors surface ligands, ammoniation process, atomic organization of acid-base bifunctional catalysts, Solid State NMR spectroscopy, DNP SENS, TEM

Youssef Saih, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Reactors

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, surface science, sustainable green energy

Adrian Ramirez Galilea Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - HTP

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, High-Throughput, AspenPlus, CO2 Conversion

Natalia Morlanes, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Process Intensification

Research Interest: Organometallics, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry, Heterogeneous catalysis, Surface characterization, Water Oxidation, CO2 reduction

Selvedin Telalovic, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Catalyst Reactor

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, catalysts synthesis, catalysts characterization and testing

Samy Ould-Chikh, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Operando

Research Interest: Photo-catalysis, Electrochemistry, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, Powder XRD, TEM

Claudia Carraro

Staff Engineer - KCC Safety Officer

Jullian Vittenet, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer- Industrial Catalysis Process Control

Mohammad Babar Moghni Mallick

Operations Specialist

Eganathan Kaliyamoorthy

Technical Specialist

Cheng Yan

​Lab Technician

Tanushree Tanmayee

​ Lab Technician

Beauty Rani Sharma

​Process Technician

Weiwei Qu

​Lab Technician

Chien-Chih Tseng

​Research Specialist in Prof. Tung group

Sultan Alsalman

Research Technician - Process Especialist in Prof. Gascon group

Research Interest: Process Improvement and Optimization, reactor design, Process Control

Arwa Alahmadi

Research Technician - Analytical Lab Technician in Prof. Gascon group

Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, Zeolites, Crude Oil, Light Olefins

Cong Wang

​Lab Assistant in Prof. Abdelsaboor group

Yingying Yu

Technical Specialist in Prof. Hadjichristidis group

Research Interest: Organic chemistry

Qi Xiong

Biotech lab assistant Prof. Magnus group

Research Interest: Biotechnology