Catalyst Synthesis Workstation

Brand: Chemspeed

Model: CSW


Catalyst Synthesis Workstation of Chemspeed, called I-Synth, allows the simultaneous and automated synthesis of 12 catalyst materials by impregnation, precipitation or sol-gel. It has 12 batch reactors having a volume of 100 ml. These reactors can be vortexed with speeds up to 1000 rpm and the temperature is controlled from -10°C up to 150°C. Powders and liquids are dosed automatically to these reactors, including pH-controlled additions of acid or base.  After synthesis, the platform also allows automated filtration and washing of the produced powders. Drying can be executed under vacuum, N2 or N2/H2 atmosphere. All theses actions can be executed in one automated run resulting in samples ready for testing.