High throughput slurry-phase batch or semi-batch reactor system

Brand: Amtech

Model: SPR16


Amtech SPR16 is a slurry phase batch or semi-batch reactor system featuring 16 independently controlled batch autoclaves and unique liquid sampling under process conditions. These reactors have a volume of 15 ml, which can be stirred at rates up to 2000 rpm and heated up to 250°C. The headspace can be inertised and mixtures of 2 reactive gases can be dosed into the reactors also allowing gas/liquid reactions at pressures up to 150 bar. 6 different liquids can be pumped into the reactors even when pressurized. Also, on-line automated liquid sampling is included in the system. The SPR16 can therefore be used to investigate 16 materials at common conditions or one material under 16 different conditions. Typical applications are the study of heterogeneous and homogeneous multiphase batch catalytic processes.