Surface Area and Porosity Analyser – Chemisorption

Brand: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

Model: ASAP 2020

​Surface Area and Porosity Analyser dedicated to Chemisorption is an adsorption analysis technique that allows determination of properties such as metal dispersion, metal surface area, heat of chemical adsorption, strong and weak chemisorption, crystallite size of a catalyst. These properties are accessed by high vacuum pretreatment of solid sample and measurement of the pressure above the sample when submitting to incremental gas (H2, CO..) additions. ASAP 2020 consist of two independent vacuum systems that allow simultaneous preparation of two samples and analysis of another. The samples can be degassed to temperature of 450 °C. Analysis furnace can be heated up to 1000 °C. The ASAP 2020 is equipped with 6 analysis gas inlets for Chemisorption, Helium inlet for free-space analysis and inlet for degas backfill. This particular instrument is also equipped with a water vapor adsorption option allowing use of water as adsorptive. Additionally this instrument can be easily converted to a Physisorption mode, 6 analysis gas inlets for Physisorption are installed as well.