Zeta Sizer Nano Series, Mastersizer 2000

Brand: Malvern

Model: ZEN3600, APA2000

​Dynamic Light Scattering and Static Light Scattering techniques preformed by ZEN 3600 instruments utilize “red” laser of 632.8 nm wavelength of 4 mW strength to obtain particle size distribution, zetapotential, point of zero charge as well as molecular weight distribution. Particle size (hydrodynamic diameter) between 0.6 nm up to 6 μm can be measured, molecular weight in the range of 1000 to 2*107 Da (with a minimum volume of 12 μL) and zetapotential for particles in the size range of 5 nm to 10μm (minimum sample volume 150 μL). Accompanying the ZEN 3600 instrument is Autotitrator equipped with a pH electrode and a purge option to avoid absorption of O2 causing pH drift.

The Mastersizer 2000 that is solely dedicated to particle size analysis, extends the measuring range from 0.02 μm up to 2000 μm depending on the material properties. As light source HeNe laser of 633 nm is employed. Scattered laser light is analyzed by an array of detectors positioned at different angles relative to the laser source. Accompanying the Mastersizer are sample dispersion units Hydro 2000S and Hydro 2000SM capable to handle from 50 to 150 mL of dispersant in a liquid.