Postdoctoral Fellowship in Inorganic Materials and Reactions Group

09 March, 2021

Help needed!  The Inorganic Materials and Reactions group  (Y. Kobayashi) at KAUST is a new lab, looking for 2 postdocs, with combined expertise in the following areas (interested PhD students are also welcome):

- Familiarity with crystal structures and structural analysis.

- Kinetics, and mechanistic analysis of catalytic reactions.

- Experience/knowledge with intermetallic compounds.

- Experience/knowledge with heterogeneous catalytic reactions.

- Various wet chemistry techniques to prepare inorganic materials.

- Good Schlenk technique and confidence with manipulating air-sensitive solids and liquids will be a strong plus.

- Experience with synchrotron/neutron techniques a plus.

- Good manual skills to plan and set up new equipment a plus.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know everything. But these are the important skills for our lab. 

Postdoc candidates must be within 5 years of their degree date for consideration.

We are interested in a combination of solid state chemistry, mesostructure control, and heterogeneous catalytic (or chemical) processes. Current research directions involve development of hydride-based materials, intermetallics, and other inorganic/hybrid materials for various reactions, such as ammonia synthesis or CO2 hydrogenation.  As new materials are involved, mechanistic studies of catalytic or chemical conversion reactions is essential.

If interested, please contact Yoji Kobayashi with your CV, and two most significant papers, and a short cover letter if there is anything else you’d like to add.

Yoji Kobayashi

Associate Professor of Chemical Science