Associate Professor Mani Sarathy has been awarded for the inaugural 2021 Energy and Fuels Rising Stars

10 October, 2021


Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the PSE DivisionMani Sarathy, has been awarded for the inaugural 2021 Energy and Fuels Rising Stars

Energy and Fuels have established an annual recognition for high influential researchers in early and mid-career (EMCRs). The Energy and Fuels Rising Stars intend to celebrate EMCRs "critical roles in driving knowledge discovery and technological advances in the increasingly globalized research landscape".


Professor Sarathy's research interest is in developing sustainable energy technologies with decreased net environmental impact. A major thrust of research is simulating the combustion chemistry of transportation fuels. He develops fundamental chemical kinetic models that can be used to simulate fuel combustion and pollutant formation in energy systems. Engine designers then use these chemical kinetic models to achieve various performance targets using computational simulations. In addition, these models can be used to determine how the chemical structure of a fuel affects pollutant formation.

Congratulations, Prof. Mani!