A better way to create space

03 July, 2023

High-strength but low-density mesh-like polymers with applications in adsorption applications are synthesized using a simple new method


Cafer Yavuz and colleagues from KAUST, collaborating with co-workers from Korea and the U.S., have demonstrated a simple “one-pot” catalyst-free process for creating a highly porous POP called poly(aryl thioether)article " id="return-reference-1" href="https://discovery.kaust.edu.sa/en/article/21235/a-better-way-to-create-space/#reference-1" style="font-family:inherit;font-size:inherit;text-align:inherit;text-transform:inherit;word-spacing:normal;white-space:inherit;">[1]. “We’ve shown that polyarylthioethers can be produced simply from sodium sulfide and perfluorinated aromatics,” says Yavuz. “We believe that we have uncovered a powerful strategy that went against common understanding and could be used to build sulfur-based materials in a tunable fashion.”

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