Megalamane S. Bootharaju, Ph.D.

Alumni and Former Staff

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest

​I work on controlling the size of the homo- and multi-metal nanoparticles down to discrete atomic-levels to have unique atomic arrangements (different from bulk metal), which would be useful for catalytic and energy-conversion applications 

Selected Publications

  • Templated Atom‐Precise Galvanic Synthesis and Structure Elucidation of a [Ag24Au(SR)18]− Nanocluster
    M. S. Bootharaju, C. P. Joshi, M. R. Parida, O. F. Mohammed, O. M. Bakr
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 55, 922-926, (2016)
  • Switching a Nanocluster Core from Hollow to Nonhollow
    M. S. Bootharaju, C. P Joshi, M. J Alhilaly, O. M. Bakr
    Chem. Mater. 28, 32923297, (2016)
  • Gold Doping of Silver Nanoclusters: A 26‐Fold Enhancement in the Luminescence Quantum Yield
    G. Soldan, M. A. Aljuhani, M. S. Bootharaju, L. G. AbdulHalim, M. R. Parida, Abdul‐Hamid E...
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 55, 5749-5753, (2016)
  • [Ag25(SR)18]−: The “Golden” Silver Nanoparticle
    C. P. Joshi, M. S. Bootharaju, M. J. Alhilaly, O. M Bakr
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 11578-11581, , (2015)
  • Ag29(BDT)12(TPP)4: A Tetravalent Nanocluster
    L. G AbdulHalim, M. S. Bootharaju, Q. Tang, S. Del Gobbo, R. G AbdulHalim, M. Eddaoudi, De...
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 11970-11975, (2015)
  • Reversible Size Control of Silver Nanoclusters via Ligand-Exchange
    M. S. Bootharaju, V. M. Burlakov, T. M. D. Besong, C. P. Joshi, L. G. AbdulHalim, D. M. Bl...
    Chem. Mater. 27, 4289-4297, (2015)
  • Tuning properties in silver clusters
    C. P. Joshi, M. S. Bootharaju, O. M. Bakr
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 6, 3023-3035, (2015)
  • Manifestation of the Difference in Reactivity of Silver Clusters in Contrast to Its Ions and Nanoparticles: The Gro...
    A. Som, A. K. Samal, T. Udayabhaskararao, M. S. Bootharaju, T. Pradeep
    Chem. Mater. 26, 3049-3056, (2014)
  • Atomically precise silver clusters for efficient chlorocarbon degradation
    M. S. Bootharaju, G. K. Deepesh, T. Udayabhaskararao, T. Pradeep
    J. Mater. Chem. A 1, 611-620, (2013)
  • Protein‐Directed Synthesis of NIR‐Emitting, Tunable HgS Quantum Dots and their Applications in Metal‐Ion Sensing
    N. Goswami, A. Giri, S. Kar, M. S. Bootharaju, R. John, P. L. Xavier, T. Pradeep, S. K. Pa...
    Small 8, 3175-3184, (2012) 


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, IIT Madras, Chennai (01/2009-02/2014), India, Supervisor: Prof. T. Pradeep
  • M.Sc., Organic Chemistry, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, India (2008)
  • B.Sc., Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, India (2006)

Professional Profile

  • ​04/2014-04/2016: Postdoctoral Research Associate, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, Supervisor: Prof. Osman M. Bakr 


  • ​Best thesis award (Langmuir prize for PhD thesis) in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry for the year 2014 at IIT Madras

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC)

Research Interests Keywords

Nanoparticles nanoclusters size- and structure-control catalysis