Taimoor Ahmad, Ph.D.

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Research Interests

Current research interests are focused on developing novel schemes to improve process transfer from lab to fab, as well as developing robust perovskite materials that are viable for perovskite solar cell/module up-scalability, performance, and cost. In addition, I'm interested in novel encapsulation and device fabrication strategies for perovskite solar cells, perovskite x-ray detectors and perovskite LEDs.

Selected Publications

  • New fullerene derivative as an n‐type material for highly efficient, flexible perovskite solar cells of a p‐i‐n configuration. Taimoor Ahmad, Barbara Wilk, Eros Radicchi, Rosinda Fuentes Pineda, Pierpaolo Spinelli, Jan Herterich, Luigi Angelo Castriotta, Shyantan Dasgupta, Edoardo Mosconi, Filippo De Angelis, Markus Kohlstädt, Uli Würfel, Aldo Di Carlo, Konrad Wojciechowski. Advanced Functional Materials, 30, 45, 2004357, (2020.
  • Improved stability of inverted and flexible perovskite solar cells with carbon electrode. Vivek Babu, Rosinda Fuentes Pineda, Taimoor Ahmad, Agustin O. Alvarez, Luigi Angelo Castriotta, Aldo Di Carlo, Francisco Fabregat-Santiago, Konrad Wojciechowski. ASC Applied Energy Materials, 3, 6, 5126–5134, (2020) 
  • New synthetic route of ultrapure alkylammonium iodides for perovskite thin films of superior optoelectronic properties. Shyantan Dasgupta, Kasjan Misztal, Rosinda Fuentes Pineda, Wojciech Mróz, Łukasz Pawlaczyk, Jarosław Serafińczuk, Alex J. Barker, Taimoor Ahmad, Artur P. Herman, Sylvester Sahayaraj, Robert Kudrawiec, Annamaria Petrozza, Alina Dudkowiak, Konrad Wojciechowski. Energy Technology, 8, 10, 2000478, (2020)
  • Green solvent-based perovskite precursor development for ink-jet printed flexible solar cells. Barbara Wilk, Senol Öz, Eros Radicchi, Feray Ünlü, Taimoor Ahmad, Artur P. Herman, Francesca Nunzi, Sanjay Mathur, Robert Kudrawiec, Konrad Wojciechowski. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 9, 10, 3920–3930, (2021)
  • Transparent conductive electrodes based on co-sputtered ultra-thin metal layers for scalable semi-transparent perovskites solar cells. Pierpaolo Spinelli, Rosinda Fuentes Pineda, Mateusz Scigaj, Taimoor Ahmad, Konrad Wojciechowski. Applied Physics Letters, 118, 241110, (2021)
  • Designing new indene-fullerene derivatives as electron transporting materials for flexible perovskite solar cells. Lukasz Przypis†, Taimoor Ahmad†, Kasjan Misztal, Damian Honisz Eros Radicchi, Edoardo Mosconi, Wojciech Domagała, Filippo De Angelis, Konrad Wojciechowski. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125, 49, 27344–27353, (2021) 
  • Encapsulation protocol for flexible perovskite solar cells enabling stability in accelerated aging tests. Taimoor Ahmad, Shyantan Dasgupta, Samy Almosni, Konrad Wojciechowski. Energy and Environmental Materials, (2022) 

  • Printed semi-transparent large area organic photovoltaic modules with power conversion efficiencies of close to 5 % Author links open overlay. Luca Lucera, Florian Machui, Hans Dieter Schmidt, Taimoor Ahmad, Peter Kubis, Sebistian Strohm, Johannes Hepp, Aandries Vetter, Hans-J.Egelhaaf,  Chistoph J. Brabec. Organic Electronics 45, 209-214, (2017)

  • Solar cell fabricated on welded thin flexible silicon. Maik Thomas Hessmann, Thomas Kunz, Taimoor Ahmad, Da Li, Stephan Wittmann, Arne Riecke, Jan Ebser, Barbara Terheiden, Kristian Cvecek, Michael Schmidt, Richard Auer and Chistoph J. Brabec. EPJ Photovoltaics, 6, 60302, (2015)
  • Highly efficient, large area, roll coated flexible and rigid OPV modules with geometric fill factors up to 98.5% processed with commercially available materials. Luca Lucera, Florian Machui , Peter Kubis,   Hans Dieter Schmidt,  Jens Adams,   Sebestian Strohm,   Taimoor Ahmad,   K. Forberich,  Hans-J. Egelhaaf and  Christop. J. Brabec. Energy and Environmental Science, 9, 89-94, (2016)

  • Silicon nitride and intrinsic amorphous silicon double antireflection coatings for thin-film solar cells on foreign substrates. Da Li, Thomas Kunz, Nadine Wolf, Jan Philipp Liebig, Stephan Wittmann, Taimoor Ahmad, Maik T. Hessmann, Richard Auer, Mathias Göken, Christoph J.Brabec. Thin Solid Films, 583 , 25-33, (2015)

  • Recrystallized thin-film silicon solar cell on graphite substrate with laser single side contact and hydrogen passivation. Da Li, Stephan Wittmann, Thomas Kunz, Taimoor Ahmad, Nidia Gawehns, Maik T. Hessmann, Jan Ebser, Barbara Terheiden, Richard Auer and Christoph J. Brabec. EPJ Photovoltaics, 6, 60301,  (2015)
  • Thin film silicon solar cell on graphite substrate with laser single side contact.  Da Li, Stephan Wittmann, Thomas Kunz, Taimoor Ahmad, Nidia Gawehns, Maik T. Hessmann, Richard Auer, Christoph J. Brabec. Conference: European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference At: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Volume: 29th


Ph.D., Electronics Engineering, University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, Rome, Italy, 2022

Professional Profile

  • 2022-Current: Research Specialist, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2018-2021: Material Specialist, Saule Technologies Ltd., Wroclaw, Poland
  • 2018: Production Engineer, Enerthing GmbH, Cologne, Germany
  • 2013-2016: Research and Development Engineer, Solar Factory of the Future, ZAE-Bayern e.V., Nuremberg, Germany
  • 2011-2013: Research and Development Assistant, ZAE-Bayern e.V., Erlangen, Germany

    KAUST Affiliations

    • KAUST Catalysis Center(KCC)
    • Division of Physical Science and Engineering(PSE)

    Research Interests Keywords

    Perovskite solar cells perovskite x-ray detectors perovskite LEDs encapsulation flexible perovskite modules and cells scale up via inkjet printing roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet