Walid AL Maksoud, Ph.D.

Research Scientists

Research Scientist

Research Interests

​Synthesis and Characterization of heterogeneous zirconium complexes using SOMC approach for the Metathesis reaction.

Selected Publications

  • Direct thermo catalytic transformation of pine wood into low oxygenated fuel 
    W. AL-Maksoud, C. Larabi, A. Garron, K. Szeto, C. C. Santini, J. J. Walter.
    Green Chem., 16, 3031-3038., (2014)
  • Base directed palladium catalyzed Heck arylation of acrolein diethylacetal in water 
    W. AL-Maksoud, S. Menuel, M. Jahjah, E. Monflier, C. Pinel, L. Djakovitch
    Applied Catalysis A: General, 469, 250-258, (2014)
  • Thermal decomposition of lignocellulosic biomass in the presence of acid catalysts 
    C. Larabi, W. AL-Maksoud, K. Szeto, A. Roubaud, P. Castelli, C. C. Santini, J. J. Walter
    Bioresource Technology, 148 255260, (2013)
  • Synthesis of diethyl 2-(aryl)vinylphosphonates by the Heck reaction catalysed by well-defined palladium complexes 
    W. AL-Maksoud, J. Mesnager, F. Jaber, C. Pinel, L. Djakovitch. 
    Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 694, , 3222-3231., (2009)
  • Practical oxidation of sulfides to sulfones by H2O2 catalysed by titanium catalyst 
    W. AL-Maksoud, S. Daniele, A. Sorokin.
    Green Chem., 10, 447-451., (2008)


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University Lyon 1, Lyon, France, 2007-2010.
  • Master's degree, Inorganic Chemistry, University Lyon 1, Lyon France, 2006

Professional Profile

  • March 2011-December 2015:  Engineer research at Synthopetrol, In collaboration with C2P2, Team LCOMS, CPE Lyon, France.Theme of project: « Process for catalytic transformation of biomass into biofuels directly in hydrogen ».
  • January 2007-July 2010:PhD in Chemistry; IRCELYON-UMR-5256, University Lyon I, Lyon France.Theme of project: « Hybrid materials for trapping pollutants: By grafting poly-aromatic obtained via in and ex-aqueous methodology ».
  • February-July 2006: Master degree in inorganic chemistry; IRCELYON, University Lyon I, Lyon, France. Theme of project: « Preparation of catalysts containing TiO2 and phthalocyanine for the selective oxidation of sulfides to sulfones ».

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC)
  • Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)


Research Interests Keywords

Heterogeneous catalysis SOMC Metathesis Reaction hydrogenation